Rajasthan Agro Product is in business of processing and exporting of high Quality Agriculture commodities established in the year 1993. Our founder Mr.Gupta started this company to cater to the rising demand of the international market by taking the advantage of raw material availability in our area. With the prime experience we provide high quality products . Rajasthan Agro Product is global answer for providing the best quality Oil seeds, Whole Spices,and Grains all over the world with ourc presence of more than 25 years on the field.

Our company is a renowned name in agro and related commodities trading internationally . The firm has specialized and created a niche for itself in the area of export of agro based commodities. The firm has two processing unit for manufacturing best quality products. Our company is a reliable supplier of quality products and is dedicated to meeting all its customer requirements and complying with the most demanding standards.We are deeply rooted to our values of commitment and integrity towards our client who ensures that we becomes their preferred support . We are one of the fast growing export – import oriented firm engaged in Various types of food related commodity.



Our Mission

With ethics and efficiency we aim to recognized as the leading exporter of agricultural products across the globe . We are in planning to expand our existing production capacity by establishing new manufacturing units for our agri products . RAP believes " A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all “ . RAP always aims at procuring , processing and delivering the best quality of oil seeds, whole spices, grains and pulses as per the customer requirements. We aim to supply good quality product to the world even in remotest corner . At RAP , we endeavour to deliver superior quality products with commitment, sustaining to the customer expectations at competitive price levels.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide Supreme quality agricultural food products to all markets around the world . Every person in world deserve good quality agro products and we have a vision to provide it to all . To do so, we aim to spread knowledge of good agricultural practices and use our plant and machineries for good and clean quality products .

Director’s message

For Years , we’ve been able to earn your Trust and confidence by consistently providing you products that stands for unmatched quality and impeccable service, with a passion to deliver.

Value creation and sustainability can only be achieved if we operate in both quality and pricing aspect in industry . With technological advancement in machineries and better supply chain, we’ve been able to address the most challenging demands from the remotest corner of the world, ensuring that we deliver as per promise to the delight of our esteemed customers. We are always excited to serve the best that India has to offer to the world, and would be always be up for supplying Quality food products.

With Best Regards,
Mr.Manohar Gupta
Chairman – Rajasthan agro product

Overall Efficiency and advantage

Superior Quality and timely shipment combined with exceptional customer service is our primary focus we are a company that supply the agricultural products as per the consumer's needs specifically at competitive prices and intend to deliver on time.


With the 25+years of experience, our competitive advantage to stand out with the extreme knowledge & deep understanding of the Agri Commodities.

Location benefits

our factory is in region where major spices, peanuts & pulses farms are located .


quality is not just saying but a commitment for us .Quality matters in the agricultural industry. Our guarantee for the best quality is enough for the customer satisfaction.


  • We help in organizing Blood donation camps and all the employees and people in society are encouraged to donate blood as a service to humanity.
  • Our responsibility is not only towards human but also towards animals , For years We are donating to NGO who take cares of animal and feed them in their premises.
  • Also we have planted many trees in surrounding area for our mother nature .